Transition Briefings/Workshops Calendar


Pre-Separation Counseling Briefing (Mandatory)
Transition GPS Workshop (Mandatory)
Higher Education Track Workshop (Optional)
Entrepreneurship Track Workshop (Optional)
Career Technical Track Workshop (Optional)

Pre-Separation Counseling BriefingsRegistration is required.

Note: You are required to register for eBENEFITS and bring proof of your registration (printed email, printed screen shot, or cell phone screen shot showing registration) to your scheduled Pre-Separation Briefing. Failing to do so will require you to reschedule the briefing. All briefings start on time. If you are late, you will need to reschedule the briefing.

  • December 23, 2019 (1300-1600hrs)
  • December 30, 2019 (1300-1600hrs)

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Transition GPS Workshops (All workshops are Monday-Friday, 8 AM – 4 PM daily) Note: You must have attended a Pre-Separation Counseling Briefing and have started an EForm DD Form 2648 before attending a Transisiton GPS Workshop. Once you have completed a Pre-Separation Briefing, you will be automatically assigned to a Transition GPS Workshop date.

  • December 9-13, 2019

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Higher Education Workshops (8 AM – 4 PM): This workshop, taught by the Ellsworth Education Center, is for those who plan to pursue their academic goals. This two-day workshop will help you prepare for college life and assist you with the following: researching schools, completing a college application, financial assistance, risks associated with incurring debt to finance educational goals, transferring credits, gaining college credit for military training or experience, and realities of campus life. This workshop is part of the education track for the transition process, but is open to anyone with base access.

  • December 18-19, 2019

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Entrepreneurship Workshops (Boots 2 Business) (9 AM to 4:30 PM): Learn the basics of how to start a small business in this two-day workshop with the Small Business Administration. They will provide you with the tools and knowledge you need to identify a business opportunity, draft a business plan, and launch your business. This workshop is part of the entrepreneur track for the transition process, but is open to anyone with base access.

  • December 4-5, 2019

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Career Exploration & Planning Track Workshops (8:00 AM to 4:00 PM): This two-day workshop is designed to assist you in: defining technical career goals, identifying required credentials, finding career technical training opportunities, identifying local Veteran resources, and utilizing your VA education benefits. This workshop is part of the career exploration & planning track for the transition process, but is open to anyone with base access.

  • November 5-6, 2019

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