Relationship Minute: Allow room for change

Does your relationship have space to accommodate change?

Who were you five years ago? How were you different six months ago?

In what ways has your partner changed that you’re grateful for, beyond maybe a questionable hairstyle or two?

How have you changed together, as a couple?

Evolution is not to be feared.

In relationships, the only constant is change. Embrace it.

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Sesame Street Helps Military Families

SesameStreetMilitaryFamiliesAs a military member, you experience frequent change. Whether that is in the form of relocating to a new assignment, multiple deployments, or transitioning out of the service, these changes can be difficult on even the strongest member. If you have a family, it is important to remember that they too are affected by these changes.

In times of stress it is important to maintain everyday routines, keeping lines of communication open and reaching out for help if needed. These strategies will not only help the individual, your partner, but also your young family members.

Sesame Street has been committed to meet the needs of American military families for 11 years now. Recently they announced the release of Sesame Street for Military Families: Transitions. The Department of Defense (DoD) assisted the Sesame Workshop in conducting research on this effort by organizing focus groups with transitioning families in 2015 at installations across the nation. They were also informed by extensive research and recommendations from parents and caregivers plus child development and military advisers.

The Sesame Street for Military Families website offers materials to help parents and kids cope with the unique military lifestyle. Below are a small list of some resources that Sesame Street has made available, for FREE, featuring the characters your kids have come to love and materials for parents to help them cope.