Name Tags and Seating Cards

 Name Tags and Seating Cards

Very often you may be provided with a name tag to fill out or in more formal functions a pre-printed name tag. Name tags should always be worn on the right side of the chest.

Seating cards, also known as “YASA” (or you are seated at) cards are given to you upon arrival at formal dinners and will let you know what table you are being seated at.  Once at the table you will find your place card.

Place Cards

Sometimes there will be a seating board available with the layout of the dining room complete with table number. As mentioned above, the “YASA” card directs you to a particular table shown on the seating board, and the pre-set place card directs them to a specific seat.

NOTE: Place cards use the “spoken” rank of all guests. Spoken rank is the title used when you refer to someone in conversation. The spoken ranks include General, Colonel, Lieutenant, Chief, Sergeant, and Airman. Only the Navy uses complete rank on place cards.

Menu Card

At more formal occasions, you will often find a menu card placed at your table setting. Menu cards perform a number of functions. Not only do you know from the menu card what to expect, you can plan for diet or allergies concerns before an awkward moment arises in front of other guests or the waitstaff. Because a formal dinner menu is printed with the date, place and often a nod to the person or occasion being celebrated, formal menu cards are a lovely keepsake for guests.