Retirement Ceremony

At the culmination of a full career in the military, many individuals welcome the opportunity to publicly retire and thank the many individuals who contributed and supported them. As with many traditional Air Force ceremonies, there are suggested sequence of events provided for a retirement ceremony, but ultimately it is up to the retiring members preference on what type of ceremony they want or if they want a ceremony at all.

During a ceremony, the member receives a certificate of retirement, the Air Force retired lapel button, and appropriate awards, decoration, honors, and letters of appreciation. Family members and friends are highly encouraged to attend the ceremony. Furthermore, the member’s spouse is customarily presented with a certificate of appreciation for the support and sacrifices made during the member’s career.

During ceremonies, all civilians (men and women) should stand during the playing of Ruffles and Flourishes, during the playing of the National Anthem, the reading of the retirement orders, during award presentations, during the playing of the Air Force Song, and as the official party departs.