Spouse Protocol “Handbook” Online

Air Force Logo - Blue with white outline, no textThe purpose of this handbook is to assist in the planning and execution of various military ceremonies and official events. It provides a ready reference source for military functions providing answers to many protocol questions often asked by a project officer planning an event.

“Any organization or society must, if it is to thrive, operate under certain rules, if for no other reason than to prevent chaos Therefore, it is necessary that all contacts between people be according to universally accepted rules or customs and some form of planned organization. That is protocol.” ~ Anonymous

Section 1: Social Functions and Official Dinners

  • Invitations
  • Elements of an Invitation
  • Terms of Dress
  • Name Tags and Seating, Place, and Menu Cards
  • Table Place Settings
  • Toasts
  • Dining Etiquette

Section 2: Official Ceremonies

  • The Change of Command Ceremony
  • Promotion Ceremony
  • Award / Medal Ceremonies
  • Retirement Ceremony

Section 3: Customs and Courtesies

  • Honors to the Flag, National Anthem, and more
  • Order of Precedence, with examples of rank insignias
  • Receiving Lines
  • Challenge Coins
  • Dates to Remember