Ellsworth AFB Heart Link Online


The Heart Link Program is designed for new Air Force Spouses, and spouses new to Ellsworth.  It centers on the Air Force mission, customs, traditions, protocol as well as resources and services for our families.

Do you have a full understanding of what the Air Force is all about?  What do all of those acronyms (funny words) mean?  What services and resources are available to you and your family?

Confusing, isn’t it?  This online workshop was developed to help clear up your confusion by helping you learn more about the Air Force and Ellsworth AFB. We hope to provide you with enough information to know WHAT questions to ask….and, WHO to ask to fully understand the answers.   At the end of this online version, please feel welcome to call the Airman & Family Readiness Center to sign-up for one of our quarterly Heart Link Workshops.  Our in-person classes are a fun way to network with other spouses while gaining information from guest speakers sharing everything that the Air Force and Ellsworth has to offer!


  • The goal of Heart Link is to strengthen Air Force families through knowledge about military programs, agencies and the mission.
  • Our goal is to enhance overall mission readiness.

With all of the demands on families, we understand that it may be difficult for all spouses to attend our quarterly Heart Link workshop. In order to provide the opportunity and meet the needs of all, we have created this online version of Heart Link; providing the same valuable information gained at one of the workshops, but with the ease of doing so via any computer with internet access.

Thank you for taking this online adventure with us. We hope that you will come away learning much more about the Air Force and Ellsworth Air Force Base!