Voluntary Separations

If you are voluntarily separating (to include applying for Palace Chase), you are encouraged to start the transition process as early 24 months prior to you anticipated separation date. You are required by law, to start it no later than 365 days prior, you will need to accomplish all the Career Readiness Standards (CRS) upon compleion of your required courses.

Transitioning from the military requires the following:

  • Intial Transition Counseling appointment (tier assignment)
  • Attending a Pre-Separation Counseling Briefing to start an EForm DD Form 2648
  • Attend a Transition 3 day workshop
    • MOC Crosswalk, Financial Planning, ITP Review, Day 1 (mandatory for ALL)
    • VA Benefits Briefing, Day 2 (mandatory for ALL)
    • Employment Fundamentals, Day 3 (mandatory for ALL)
  • Attend a two day track; Department of Labor Employment Workshop, Vocational Track, Boots to Business, Higher Education Track(mandatory for personnel assigned as Tier 3)
  • Attend a Capstone Appointment to complete your EForm DD Form 2648, sign it electronically, and then it will be forwarded to your Commander for electronic signature.

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