Required Documents for Transition Workshop

The following are REQUIRED for the workshop either in physical or digital form. Please download and/or print them prior to coming to the workshop:

– Individual Transition Plan (PDF)
– MOC Crosswalk Participant Guide (PDF)
– GAP Analysis (PDF)
– My Transition Participant Guide (PDF)
– Financial Planning for Transition Guide (PDF)
– Financial Plan (Excel Spreadsheet)
– Master Application Worksheet (PDF) or (Word)
Verification of Military Experience and Training (VMET)
– Copy of your most recent LES (

In order to get the most out of the workshop, you are strongly encouraged to bring the following documents in physical or digital form:

– Copy of your credit report (
– Copy of your evaluations/FITREPS
– Copy of your educational transcripts and training records
– Compensation Comparison Handout (PDF)
– Monthly Spending Log (PDF)
– Retirement Savings Comparisons (PDF)
– Financial Website Resources (PDF)
– Sources of Help for Military Consumers (PDF)
– Choose a financial professional (PDF)
– Know your advisor (PDF)
– Credit Report Information (PDF)
– Roadmap to health (PDF)
– Military to Civilian Transitions (PDF) for resume writing

All of the above documents will be used for personal use during various modules of the workshop.

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