Transition GPS Workshop

Once you have completed your Pre-Separation Counseling you will be scheduled to attend a Transition GPS Workshop. It consists of a series of classes and workshops, collectively referred to as the “Transition GPS Core Curriculum”, which is a 5 day curriculum.

This workshop includes:

  • Transition Overview (mandatory)
  • Transition Resiliency – Lecture and Discussion (mandatory)
    • Considerations for Families
    • Special Issues
    • Value of a Mentor
  • Military Occupational Code (MOC) Crosswalk (mandatory)
  • Financial Planning Seminar (mandatory)
  • Individual Transition Plan (ITP) Review (mandatory)
  • Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Benefits Briefing (mandatory)
  • Department of Labor Employment Workshop (DOLEW) (mandatory with exemptions – exemptions will be explained during Pre-Separation Counseling and the first day of the workshop)

Call 385-4663 to register for the next available Transition GPS Workshop. Visit the Transition Briefings/Workshops Calendar page for future dates.

NOTE: Make sure your scheduled week to attend the Transition GPS Workshop is clear of all other appointments. If you miss days, you may be required to make them up at a later date.

In order for you to benefit fully from the workshop and to aid you in meeting Career Readiness Standards (CRS), please view our page of REQUIRED and suggested documents to bring in physical or electronic format for the workshop.

The dress code for the Transition GPS Workshop is business casual. Visit our dress code page for more information.

Once you have completed the Transition GPS Workshop we will work on clearing you from Virtual MPF (vMPF) for this task.

In addition to the Transition GPS Core Curriculum, you may also choose to attend one of three optional Transition GPS Tracks.  The track you will attend will be determined by your personal goals and are in addition to the 5 day GPS Core Curriculum.

Visit the Transition GPS Tracks page for more information.