Individual Transition Plan (ITP)

Everyone is required to complete an ITP over the course of the transition process before you separate or retire.

  • Your ITP should serve as your roadmap to keep you on track in achieving your transition goals. 
  • You are to take your ITP with you to every Transition GPS class you attend and you should update your ITP accordingly.  
  • Prior to you separating or retiring, your ITP will be reviewed by a counselor along (during the Capstone Appointment) with a DD Form 2958 to verify that you have met your Career Readiness Standards.  The ITP has six blocks.  Everyone will complete Block 1 during the Pre-Separation Counseling Briefing.  The remaining blocks will be completed based on the career path you have or will choose.  For example, if your post military goal is to find a job, then you will complete the Employment Section of the ITP.  If your career path is to go to a degree completion college or university then you will complete the Education Block of the ITP.  And of course, you can change and modify your ITP accordingly.  Make sure you document changes in your ITP and date the entries.
  • Your ITP will not be completed in one day, one week and possible even in a month.  It will continue to be developed as you continue your journey through the transition process.

Download a PDF version of the ITP