Career Readiness Standards

The focus of the Career Readiness Standards (CRSs) are to ensure service members are prepared for separating/retiring from the military and meeting their future goals of a civilian career, entrepreneurship, career technical training, and/or higher education.

The CRSs were set forth by the Veterans Employment Initiative (VEI) task force and requires service members (based on assigned Tier) show documented evidence of meeting the following:

  • Completed Individual Transition Plan (ITP)
  • Completed 12-month post-separation budget (Microsoft excel file)
  • Enrollment/Registration for an eBenefits online account
  • Completed continuum of military service opportunity counseling
  • Evaluated transferability of military skills to the civilian workforce and completed Gap Analysis
  • Identify requirements and eligibility for certification, licensure, and apprenticeship in the desired potential career field
  • Completed individual assessment tool to determine personal interests that will enable informed decision making regarding career selection
  • Completed job application package or receive job offer letter. Package must include a private or public sector resume, personal and professional references, and at least two submitted job applications.

The completion of the CRSs will be documented on your EForm DD Form 2648 which will be done by your Consultant during your Capstone Appointment. The document will be signed electronically by you, the Consultant, and your Commander or their designee. This form will prevent you from final out-processing You need to allow time for you Commander to sign, so plan ahead.