Links eBenefits is a portal; a central location for Veterans, Service Members, and their families to research, find, access, and, in time, manage their benefits and personal information.


Occupational Information Network (O *Net) Resource O Net is the nation’s primary source of occupational information. ONET On-Line is a Web-based application that provides user-friendly access to occupational information contained in the O*NET database.

Troops to Teachers This is the United States office of Personnel Management website

Office of Personnel Management – This is the official website for the United States Office of Personnel Management which offers the most current job opportunities with the Federal Government, upcoming events, numerous resources reports, news releases and additional official employment information.

Defense Civilian Careers – This is the official Department of Defense web site for civilians working for national defense.

Veterans’ Employment and Training Service (VETS)– This is the Department of Labor’s official website which serves America’s veterans and separating service members by preparing them for meaningful careers, providing employment resources and expertise, and protecting their employment rights.

Career One Stop – This site connects veterans and service members with resources available at local One-Stop Career Centers This is the nation’s largest military job board and marketing firm in the world for military members.

Military Spouse Career Center – Is The official Department of Defense career center web site for military spouses.

Military Spouse Corporate Career This site provides career opportunities and job portability for military spouses, war wounded military members, and caregivers of the war wounded.


State Consumer Financial Protection Resources for Service Members

CFBP Financial Coaching Initiative – Whether you/re a veteran who has recently transitioned to life in the civilian world, or a consumer facing economic challenges, having a trusted, well-informed advisor can increase your odds of success. Our financial coaching initiative will provide guidance to recently-transitioned veterans and vulnerable families in places where they’re already going for help. We’ve joined forces with the Dept. of Labor and more than two dozen non-profit social services providers to place 60 certified coaches in the Dept. of Labor.


VA Education (Post 9/11 GI Bill Chapter 33), (Montgomery GI Bill Chapter 30), (Veterans Educational Assistance Program), (Vietnam-era, etc.)

U.S. Department of Educational Federal Aid


Veterans Health

VA Vet The centers offer a wide rage of service to help you make a successful transition from military to civilian life.


TRICARE – Retirees and some separatees are eligible to continue using Tricare after leaving the military. Visit their web site for information about those benefits.

Life Insurance through the VA – Information on Veterans Life Group Insurance (VGLI) , Servicemembers’ Group Life Insurance (SGLI), Traumatic Injury Protection Program (TSGLI), Family Servicemembers’ Group Life Insurance (FSGLI), Service-Disabled Veterans Life Insurance (S-DVI), and Veterans’ Mortgage Life Insurance (VMLI)


Military OneSource – Finances, benefits, employment, lifestyle changes – a smooth transition out of the military takes thought, energy, and organization. Military OneSource can help.

OSD Military Compensation: Retirement Page This is the Military Pay and Benefits Website sponsored by the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness. The Retirement section discusses the various retirement systems currently in effect. In addition to explaining the rules regarding Final Pay, High-3 Year Average, and CSB/REDUX for active duty, calculators are available to demonstrate the potential income stream from these retirement systems and to assist those allowed to choose between High-3 and CSB/REDUX. The Reserve and disability retirement systems are described briefly.