Capstone Appointment

The Capstone Appointment is required for ALL separating/retiring personnel and is the culminating activity to verify whether you have/have not met your Career Readiness Standards (CRS). It should occur no later than 90 days prior to your anticipated separation/retirement date, but cannot be completed any earlier than 12 months  prior that date.

The CRSs are documented on your EForm DD Form 2648. The form, in conjunction with your Individual Transition Plan (ITP), will be used by the A&FRC and your Commander (or Commander’s designee) to verify status of CRS completion.

The eForm DD Form 2648 will be signed electronically by you, the A&FRC Consultant and your Commander (or designee). Once all signatures are obtained, it will be entered into your file, enabling for you to be cleared from Virtual MPF (vMPF) for your final out-processing appointment.

Call 385-4663 to set-up your appointment to complete your Capstone.