If you have orders to Ellsworth

If you have received orders to Ellsworth AFB, it is never to early to begin researching your PCS. You have several tools available to you in order to assist with your arrival and settling in.

1. A sponsor is your ticket to a smooth transition to Ellsworth AFB. If you do not know who your sponsor is, call us at (605) 385-4663 (DSN: 675-4663). Please include the unit you’ll be assigned to. We’ll send your information to your new unit to ensure your sponsor is aware that you’re trying to contact them.

2. Military Installations provides you with access to information about your entitlements and benefits, to points of contact, and information on education and employment. Military Installations will put you and your family in charge of a smooth relocation to your new duty assignment. Click on the link below to get started:


3. Check out the base’s Newcomer page for more information.

4. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions. Call (605) 385-4663 or DSN 675-4663.