Taking Care of Business

1. Check your driver’s license and vehicle tabs to make sure they have not expired. Check on speed limit and traffic law changes.

2. Reactivate your vehicle insurance to reflect your current status.

3. Conduct preventative maintenance checks and services on your Privately Owned Vehicle (POV) especially if it has been parked during a deployment.

4. Verify registration in TRICARE for you and your family.

5. Notify your creditors that you are no longer eligible for the 6% interest rate. Creditors may demand the remainder of the unpaid interest amount if you choose not to contact them.

6. Complete your travel voucher. Make sure it is done accurately and correctly.

7. File your state and federal income taxes (if necessary).

8. Rescind any Power of attorney you may have outstanding.

9. To ensure your personal success, adopt a healthy lifestyle and exercise regularly.

10. Keep an eye on your LES to ensure the deployment entitlements stop and that “at home” entitlements are correct. If not, contact Finance immediately to avoid overpayment.