Setting up a Financial Appointment

We’re glad you have reached out for assistance! We look forward to assisting you!

1. To help you, we need to get a snapshot of where you are at. Download the Budget Worksheet below and save the spreadsheet to your computer. Save the file as your last name (for example: Smith.xlsx or Jones.xlsx).

Download the spreadsheet:
Military_Budget_2019-04 (You need Microsoft Excel to use this file)

2. Open the spreadsheet and complete it to the best of your ability. The worksheet should take no longer than 30 – 45 minutes to accomplish. You may need to review your bank statement to calculate your monthly expenditures. Please don’t worry about having exact numbers; we need a starting point.

3. Be sure to save the file after entering all your information.

4. Depending on what group your Squadron falls under, email the saved and completed spreadsheet, as an attachment, to the following addresses:

  • 28 MSG & 28 BW – Jeff Hollinshead (
  • 28 MDG – Daphne Perez (
  • 28 MXG – Nancy Shrope (
  • 28 OG & 89 ATKS – David Brinkworth (

In your email, please be sure to state what your purpose of the appointment request is and let us know if you were referred to us by someone in your chain of command.

5. In turn, we will get back with you to schedule you for an appointment. Please allow at least 2 full business days for a response.

6. In the meantime, please gather the necessary paperwork for the appointment. Please be prepared to bring the following items to your appointment.

We will need to see:

1. All copies of your:

a. Bills
b. Statements
c. Contracts
d. Terms of agreement and disclosures

(for your cell phone, cable/satellite TV service, internet, home phone, water, gas, electric, car payment, auto insurance, all credit cards, store credit, and loans.)

2. Your last End of Month Leave and Earning Statement

3. Any other statement of family income

4. Hard copies of your last three bank statements for all accounts

5. If your bills are paid electronically, please download your statements/terms of agreement and bring these with you to your appointment.

NOTE: Without these documents, we can’t be much help to you and therefore the appointment will need to be rescheduled.