Assistance Programs

Personal & Family Readiness – provides mobility and deployment assistance to help single and married DoD personnel and families meet pre-deployment, sustainment, reintegration, and post-deployment challenges.

Transition Assistance – provides retiring, separating and demobilizing members (and family members) the information, skills, and knowledge needed for successful transition. Look here for information about Pre-Separation Counseling, Transition Assistance Program Workshops and much more.

Life Skills / Relationship Services – provides prevention/enrichment education and consultation designed to enhance social competence for individuals, couples and families, and build resilience skills that assist in navigating a mobile, military lifestyle. Call us to inquire about limited counseling services, parenting education, and marriage enrichment workshops.

Personal Financial Readiness – offers information , education and personal financial counseling to help individuals and families maintain financial readiness. Look here for assistance in creating a realistic budget, investing, or other issues regarding your financial state.

Air Force Aid Society – Everyone faces tough challenges in life. That’s why the Air Force Aid Society is here. AFAS is the official Air Force charity which exists worldwide to provide assistance to you and your family in time of need. Click here if you need assistance.

Relocation Assistance – provides information and referral for all your PCS needs. Look here for links to the new Plan My Move and Military Installation Directory.

All of our programs assist individuals and families identify and clarify needs, determine appropriate forms of assistance and provide linkage to resources.