Online Opportunities

Military Consumer Toolkit — This toolkit has short, mobile-friendly tips that won’t slow you down. Find it at:

MyVECTOR — Allows users to view their duty experience through career filed specific experience codes.  This structure also allows the user to build career plans based on real opportunities and to share these career plans with development teams and mentors.  A Bullet-Tracker option allows the user to track specific events and accomplishments throughout the year for Performance Reports. MyVECTOR enables a web-based mentoring network that allows mentees to manage their career development with input and guidance from a mentor. Find My VECTOR on the AF Portal or go directly to

Career Assessment Tool — The O*NET Interest Profiler, found at helps identify your interests and how they relate to the world of work.  It helps you decide what kinds of careers you might want to explore and provides resources and tools.

Education Assessment Tool — Explore occupational information and plan your future through the Dantes Career and Transition System at

Online Career Development & Personal Financial Management Courses — Choose the “Login with CAC” option to create an account.  Once you’ve created an account, go to the Course Catalog Tab.  Under the Search Button, type in TGPS and click on the Search Button.   After you complete the TGPS Demographics Survey, select the course that will best help you meet your goals.  Suggested courses include:

  • QTGPS  MOC Crosswalk*
  • QTGPS Personal Financial Planning for Transition*
  • QTSPS Career Technical Training Track
  • QTGPS Accessing Higher Education Track

*An instructor will provide MOC Crosswalk and Personal Financial Planning curriculum during the mandatory five-day Transition GPS Workshop, but you may access the material at any time during your career.