Military Life Cycle

The Transition Assistance Program (TAP) Military Life Cycle (MLC) model outlines key points in time or, “touch points,” throughout a service member’s career to align their military career with their civilian career goals after the Air Force.  MLC enables transition to become a well-planned, organized progression of skill building and career readiness preparation spread over the length of a military career.

Download the Military Life Cycle Fact Sheet (pdf)
Download the USAF Military Life Cycle Touch Points Checklist (pdf)


  • Integrates transition preparation throughout a service member’s military career
  • Offers service members education, training, and individualized attention at key touch points with standardized activities throughout their military career as part of their civilian career preparation
  • A plan that adapts as changes occur in rank, military occupation, proficiencies, goals, and/or family circumstances


  • Service MembersProvides the time and resources to plan for their inevitable transition from Active Duty
  • Commanders — Reduces mission impact as many transition related actions are completed during the normal course of  business instead of at the end of a
    service member’s time on Active Duty
  • Nation — Service member planning and alignment with military-to-civilian labor market skills facilitates talent flow from the military to the civilian sector and strengthens the recruiting pipeline for the future All-Volunteer Force