Relationship Minute: Four Horsemen Bingo

Identifying the Four Horsemen (Contempt, Criticism, Defensiveness, Stonewalling) takes time and, while there’s no shame in having a reference, it can be tricky to spot them in yourself or someone you interact with regularly.

Instead, you can practice looking for them in people (or characters) you only see semi-regularly from a distance. Watch for the Four Horsemen on TV or in movies. Reality TV is great for this, but scripted scenes work, too.

The famous “we were on a break” scene from Friends hits three out of Four Horsemen—can you spot them?

For a nice example of stonewalling, look no further than this scene from Fargo (contains strong language).

What can you identify? Learning to recognize these warning signs externally will make it easier to keep tabs on them when they come up in your own relationship.

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