Boil Order Lifted: Follow instructions before water consumption

From the Ellsworth AFB Facebook page:

Effective immediately, the boil order for Ellsworth AFB, Antelope Ridge and Vandenberg Elementary School has been lifted.

In coordination with the South Dakota Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Ellsworth has lifted the order based upon the results of water testing conducted by the 28th Medical Operations Squadron bio-environmental engineering flight.

More than 20 water samples were taken Sunday through Monday at various locations across the base and at the impacted areas in the surrounding community, with the last results returning at approximately 3 p.m. today. All samples tested negative for E. Coli bacteria.

To ensure the water remains safe for consumption and continue ongoing compliance with state regulations, Ellsworth personnel will conduct additional tests over the next 30 days. These tests however, do not affect the current boil order being lifted.

Impacted residents and facility managers are asked to follow specific flushing procedures prior to consuming water from affected homes, facilities and dormitories.

Base and Antelope Ridge residents should follow the below instructions prior to water consumption:

  • Flush all home fixtures (excluding toilets) for 15 minutes to include exterior hose spigots, faucets, tub/shower, etc.
  • Hot and cold water faucets should be run at the same time, fully turned on
  • Empty and refill all ice trays, repeating this process at least three times
  • Flush all toilets at least once 
  • Fridge water filters do not need to be replaced, but output should be run for 15 minutes
  • On base dorm residents should follow these same procedures above

Base facility managers and Vandenberg Elementary School staff should follow the below instructions prior to water consumption:

  • Follow all of the above instructions for homes (if fixtures are auto sensing, user will have to physically trigger sensor)
  • Tape or hold down water fountain buttons for 15 minutes
  • Fixtures include safety showers and eyewash stations connected to a building water supply
  • Empty all industrial ice machines and allow them to run for three dump cycles

Base personnel are reminded that any remaining medical concerns may be directed to the 28th Medical Group at 605-385-6700, and questions regarding flushing procedures may be directed to the 28th Civil Engineer Squadron hotline at 605-385-2580. Media representatives can call the 28th Bomb Wing Public Affairs office at 605-385-5056 for additional information.

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