Boil Order Continues

From the Ellsworth AFB Facebook Page:

Good evening everyone and thank you for your continued support – as of now, we have no new info/updates to provide. Though we’re striving to expedite this process, it takes time to perform all necessary procedures accurately and safely. We were able to restore water to our on base homes in Prairie View yesterday and now we’re waiting on our waterline test results before lifting the Boil Order. Please understand that we will not lift the order until it is absolutely safe to do so.

As a REMINDER – below is a list of water distribution locations for those that live and work on base, as well as Antelope Ridge residents. We encourage everyone to pick up as much water as they need and we’ll be replenishing the distribution points as quickly as we can.
– Antelope Ridge Welcome Center
– Mailbox areas in on base housing areas
– 28th Medical Group
– Pride Hangar

Stay tuned here for additional updates as they become available and please share this message to help us spread the word.
[Residents with specific questions or concerns can call our CE Hotline at 605-385-2580]