UPDATE: Boil Order Information

From the Ellsworth AFB Facebook page:

The 28th Bomb Wing commander, along with base leaders met with residents from Antelope Ridge and members of the base this afternoon to provide an update on the current boil order in effect for Ellsworth, Antelope Ridge and Vandenberg Elementary school.

Though the boil order is still in effect, we expect to resolve the issue and lift the order by Tuesday, Aug. 26. Those affected are still advised to follow all previous safety precautions.


Families who currently have their water turned off should expect their water to be restored between 4 – 8 p.m. today. The 28th Civil Engineer Squadron is currently working to restore the water and will inform those specific residents of further instructions to ensure their water lines have been flushed out properly. Until the water is restored, the Bellamy Fitness Center hours have been extended to provide the affected residents a facility to use the restroom and bathe if so desired. The Pride Hangar also offers bathroom facilities during normal operating hours. Lastly, portable bathrooms will be available near homes without water in case families do not wish to use the bathroom facilities at the BFC or Pride Hangar.


Pallets of bottled water have been provided for those that live and work in the affected homes and facilities (both on base and in Antelope Ridge). Additionally, Ellsworth is working with the Vandenberg Elementary school staff to ensure faculty and students have clean water. Below are the main distribution locations where people can pick up cases of water (which will continue to be re-supplied as necessary and as quickly as possible).

Bottled Water Pick-Up Locations:

– Welcome Center in Antelope Ridge

– Mailbox areas in base housing

– The 28th Medical Group

– The CDC and Youth Center

*Additional pallets of water will be provided for specific locations on base that are not designed for mass distribution/pick-up (Dormitories, work locations, etc.)


In addition to boiling water before consuming it, be sure to always wash your hands with soap and water. It is acceptable to wash your hands with the water, as well as bathe and wash clothes, but do not ingest the water. Using boiled water when hand washing dishes will guarantee that any existing bacteria in the water is killed.


Residents can call our information hotline with any specific questions or concerns they have at 605-385-2580. Media can call Ellsworth Public Affairs representatives at 605-431-2962 or 605-391-7436.


We will share any and all pertinent information as it becomes available. Again, we expect our issues to be resolved by Tuesday, but are taking all the proper steps to ensure that we only lift the boil order when it is safe to do so. We greatly appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding as we work as quickly as possible through this process.