Are you Separating or Retiring? READ THIS!

With the announcement of force management programs in December 2013 many Ellsworth Airmen may have received word that they may be eligible for one of the programs to leave the Air Force earlier than they had planned.

The service has made a conscious decision to announce these force management programs now in order to give Airmen as much time as possible to plan for their futures and make informed decisions.

This early notification will allow Airmen the time to complete the mandated Transition Program previously known as TAP. It is now called Transition GPS-Goals, Plans and Success, and is designed to help prepare separating and retiring members for life outside of the military. It includes a variety of seminars from dressing for success to financial independence. The program was recently redesigned and has added many mandated new steps to the process.

A couple of the changes were expanding requirements to include mandatory attendance at a five-day workshop, and completion of a capstone session to ensure the member is career ready. Below is a summary of the mandatory steps for separating/retiring:

  • Pre-Separation Counseling Briefing (Must be completed no later than 90 prior to separation/retirement; You must also bring proof of registration on eBenefits before coming to the briefing)
  • Transition GPS Workshop (Pre-Separation is required to be completed prior to attending a workshop)
  • Capstone Appointment (Can be completed after attending Transition GPS, but no earlier than 150 days prior to your date of separation/retirement)

Note: These steps need to be completed prior to starting terminal leave.

Separating Airmen can start the transition process 12 months prior to their anticipated date of separation while retiring Airmen can start the process 24 months out.

Optional training for higher education, entrepreneurial and vocational training is also available along with extensive one-on-one counseling to help Airmen develop a comprehensive individual transition.

You can read about more detailed information about what is required of a separating or retiring Airman on our Transition Assistance web page.

Visit our Transition Calendar for all the dates of Transition Briefings and Workshops for 2014 then give the Airman & Family Readiness Center a call at 385-4663 to schedule yourself for the next available briefing and workshop.

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