Whose Your Wingman? Who Are You a Wingman For?

Miami Dolphins scandal has lessons for Service members

Commentary by Col. Quinn Gummel
9th Reconnaissance Wing vice commander
Source: http://www.acc.af.mil/news/story.asp?id=123370761

11/14/2013 – BEALE AIR FORCE BASE, Calif. — Last week, Jonathan Martin, an offensive lineman on the Miami Dolphins football team, walked out and quit the team due to a perceived hostile work environment, allegedly characterized by demeaning, racially-biased communications and financial extortion by at least one team captain, and other senior members of the team. Though a lot of details are yet unknown, the events thus far are sufficient to provide a lesson for our own military community.

Like a professional sports team, our Air Force is comprised of motivated people, held to a high threshold of performance, where teamwork is essential to success. How does a professional athlete, who has passed so many hurdles, and is presumably fulfilling a dream to participate at the height of his profession suddenly up and quit? We might ask ourselves what would drive a dedicated and professionally fulfilled Airman, proudly serving our nation, to become similarly disenchanted.

Let’s start at the top. Like a Head Coach or General Manager, commanders…

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