Be safe during the Sturgis Rally Team Ellsworth!

sturgis-2013For those attending, the Rally can be a fun, utterly unique experience – but going in blind to the hazards is foolhardy considering the massive number of people and the amount of alcohol in the area.  If you plan on participating, especially if you ride, please remember to uphold your AF standards at all times.  It’s very easy to be led down the wrong path in the crush of that environment. Bottom line…have a plan, then have a back-up for your plan. Whatever you do don’t drink and drive.

And for those new to the area, please help reinforce the dangers of just driving in town during the next couple weeks.  Motorcycles will be everywhere – take a defensive posture and take the extra time to look around before changing lanes, pulling into traffic etc.

The Sturgis Chamber of Commerce has posted a schedule of events for the 2013 Rally on their web site. Click here to view the schedule (pdf).