What health care decision means for Tricare

The Supreme Court’s decision Thursday upholding the Affordable Care Act has little impact on Tricare beneficiaries, who will see no change to their benefits.

The ruling, which upholds the individual mandate under the government’s right to tax, will have no impact on Tricare customers because the program not only was omitted from the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, it later was protected under separate legislation.

The Tricare Affirmation Act was signed in 2010 to quell concerns about health care reform among Tricare users after the Affordable Care Act passed.

The 2010 act explicitly stated that Tricare beneficiaries and Defense Department civilian nonappropriated fund employees were not subject to the penalties for lacking private insurance that are part of the broader law.

Additional legislation, the Tricare Dependent Coverage Extension Act, created Tricare Young Adult (TYA), a premium-based program that extends health benefits for adult children of Tricare beneficiaries. TYA is…

Read the full story on the Air Force Times web site: What health care decision means for Tricare – Air Force Times.

1 thought on “What health care decision means for Tricare

  1. When I entered the scveire 25 years ago that was one of things I was promise, life time health care at no cost little by little they are getting rid of or adding charges to what was promised to me. This was one of deciding factors that certainly helped to make the military a career was the health care. I do not regret my career, but more and more I feel like the country that hired me to do thier bidding where ever it may be is turning it’s back on me.

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