Spouses, What Is Your Air Force IQ?

Most people have heard the sayings, “nothing new under the sun” and “the more things change, the more they stay the same.” These saying definitely apply to being an Air Force Spouse.

Whilst perusing Family Service’s, now known as the Airmen & Family Readiness Center, photo albums and scrap books from 1959 to 1987, I came across a news commentary from the Black Hills Sentinel from 1963 that supports those sayings.

In 48 years, only minor changes would need to be made to update this article to reflect the current day. No longer would the headline start with the word ladies since the Air Force has many men that are spouses who support their wives/sponsors. Instead of Family Services Dependents’ Orientation, Ellsworth’s Airman and Family Readiness Center holds Heartlink Spouse’s Orientation as well as Happy Landings for individuals new to Ellsworth AFB.

As an Air Force spouse and Air Force BRAT, I thought I was a little bit of an Air Force know-it-all, but I decided to attend Heartlink anyway. I learned some new things and received a lot of great information on Ellsworth and the surrounding area.

Sponsors please encourage your spouses to attend and spouses, even though you are referred to as a dependent, please be independent and come to learn about your Air Force resources and family through Heartlink and Happy Landings.

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